Don’t take our word for it. Read what people just like you have to say about their Friendship Haven experience. As you’ll discover, it truly is a place where one can live life with faith, passion and purpose.

Friendship Haven


We have had various members of our family at Friendship Haven for over 30 years. We have experienced nothing but kindness. This is truly a culture of caring and respect for the elderly. My father was recently a resident at Tompkins Health Center where he received wonderful responsive care. It is a place of care and love. Thank you Friendship Haven.

" Nancy Metier Mohni Family Member

Catalyst Rehabilitation Program


“I was very motivated to work hard and appreciated how patient and kind the therapists are,” said Loraine, a retired nurse and long-time Fort Dodge resident. “My therapist, Laura, was extremely good,” Loraine said. “She took a lot of time with me throughout my outpatient therapy and showed a lot of empathy.”

“I’d recommend Catalyst Rehabilitation Program to anyone. It’s a very positive experience.”

" Loraine Carlson Catalyst Rehabilitation Program Client

Schmoker Adult Day Services


“I’ve made a lot of friends here,” says Alice, who survived a stroke at age 47 and started coming to Generations two and a half years ago. “The staff treats you well and helps you with your needs.”

“Having goals keeps me motivated, and being around other people energizes me,” says Carolyn, who challenges herself to complete 1,000 steps on the NuStep each time she exercises.

Alice, who also enjoys walking at Friendship Haven, notes that regular exercise has transformed her quality of life. “After my stroke, I was told I might not walk again. Thanks to therapy, exercise, and a lot of praying, my motor skills and balance are much better. It’s really a miracle.”

“This supportive environment is life-changing”, says Carolyn, who is quick to recommend Generations to others. “Everybody is one here.” The friendships formed through Generations create an extended family, Alice added. “There’s a lot of joy here.”

" Alice and Carolyn Wheat Schmoker Adult Day Services Participants

Diane likes everything about Adult Day. She looks forward to it, since she has made lots of friends and always has plenty of activities to enjoy. This keeps her moving, too, which is important for someone with Parkinson’s disease. Adult Day at Friendship Haven has worked good for us. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the area, and there’s definitely a need for this service. We’re very lucky it’s available at Friendship Haven.

" John Husband of Schmoker Adult Day Services Participant

Mom’s neurologist suggested Adult Day at Friendship Haven. Mom loves playing bingo here and enjoys socializing with others. I like Adult Day, because it gives me a break. That’s important when you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. I’m very happy with Adult Day. It’s wonderful to have this close by.”

" Sandy Daughter of Schmoker Adult Day Services Participant

Mom just loves it here, and I love that Mom is safe. She likes playing card games like SKIP-BO with her friends and visiting Ralph the cockatiel. She also likes the Friendship Haven staff. They really look out for her. Having Mom come to Adult Day allowed my dad to keep working a few more years, and it allows me to keep working, too. I don’t know what we’d do without Adult Day at Friendship Haven. We’re so glad it’s here in Ft. Dodge.

" Monica Daughter of Schmoker Adult Day Services Participant

Kenyon Place


“Moving here has made our lives a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable,” said Del, who has made many new friends on campus. “Everyone here is very nice, and we like our apartment at Kenyon Place. Keeping up a home had become a big job for me, but here I don’t have to worry about cleaning, buying groceries, or cooking all the meals,” added Del, who appreciates the light housekeeping services that are provided at Kenyon Place.

The Johnsons have also developed a taste for Friendship Haven’s tempting dining options. “Your biggest risk here is gaining weight,” joked Lee.

" Del and Lee Johnson Kenyon Place Apartments Residents

“It was an easy decision for our family,” noted the Johnsons’ son, Casey, who served on the Friendship Haven board for six years. “Friendship Haven provides a safe, friendly environment that offers Mom and Dad a great quality of life.

" Casey Johnson Family Member

We’re happy to be here, and our kids are glad we decided to move to Friendship Haven. We recommend the town homes to others. Everyone here is so friendly. We haven’t seen a grouch yet!”

" Harry and Rosemary McCurdy Residents

I’ve made so many good friends. I also like that you can do as much or as little as you want here. I recommend Kenyon Place Apartments and Friendship Haven to others. I just love everything here.

" Erma Williamson Resident

When I saw the floorplan for my apartment, I knew this was where I wanted to move. Each year that I’ve lived here at Kenyon Place, I’ve had more than 200 guests. I can entertain at Friendship Haven without having to cook, which is great.

" Peggy Dowd Resident

The Gardens Assisted Living


“I’ve been independent and active my whole life, and taking care of myself has always been a priority,” says Jim, who is known for his lively sense of humor, warm smile, and extensive hat collection. “I never thought I’d live at Friendship Haven, but I’m so glad Friendship Haven has been here for me.”

“I’m a rather stubborn Irishman and didn’t think I needed help,” said Jim, a World War II Air Force veteran who is adjusting to life in his new home. “I learn a little bit more each day that I live, and I know you’ve got to look for the humor in life.”

Jim is grateful for the support he receives as he experiences this new phase of life. “The people here have been so nice and helpful. Living at Friendship Haven offers great peace of mind to me and my family.”

" Jim McNally The Gardens Assisted Living Resident



I wasn’t interested in moving to 'the nursing home,'" said Jim. As he toured the town homes with wife, Ruth, however, he was pleasantly surprised to discover the vibrant retirement community that is Friendship Haven.

"This is the best move we ever made," noted Ruth, who moved to campus with Jim in July of 2011. "We’re very relaxed here. We also enjoy attending the educational programs that are held on campus at Friendship Haven," she added.

Although Jim never expected to call Friendship Haven home, he’s glad that he and Ruth made the move. "I thought I was going to lose my independence at Friendship Haven, but I’ve found new opportunities here."

" Dr. Jim and Ruth Reed Friendship Haven Town Home Residents

Simpson Health Center


“People don’t know how hard it is to watch your parent age before your eyes,” said Craig, an Indiana native who came to Fort Dodge in 1980 to play for Iowa Central’s basketball team. “When my mom needed more care, people told me that Friendship Haven was a good place.” Craig was impressed with Friendship Haven’s inviting campus, clean surroundings, and dedicated caregivers.

Craig moved his mother to Friendship Haven seven years ago and regularly stops by Simpson Health Center to visit her. “My mom is a very kind person, and I’m glad that everyone at Friendship Haven takes good care of her. That means a lot.”

" Craig Burrell Family Member

“While Jo has dementia, she’s been much more alert lately, and I attribute this to the tender loving care she receives at Friendship Haven,” said Jim, who came to campus nearly every day for two years to visit his wife of 66 years.

" Jim McNally Family Member

River Ridge Apartments


“I was tired of grocery shopping, cooking, and maintaining a home, so I looked into Friendship Haven. I liked the privacy and neatness of the campus, as well as the friendliness of the people.”

Friendship Haven is a comfortable place to call home, says Jolene, who still enjoys traveling and is excited about moving to the River Ridge Apartments on campus when the building is completed in the fall of 2012. “I have the freedom to do what I want to do, and Friendship Haven has allowed me to enjoy life more. It’s all good.”

" Jolene Mapel Friendship Haven Resident

"River Ridge is a big upgrade," says Glen Behrens, a long-time Fort Dodge resident who has lived at Friendship Haven for six years and moved to River Ridge Apartments in September of 2012. "I knew some of the people who built the original buildings Friendship Haven, and they'd stand in awe of what we have now."

" Glen Behrens River Ridge

Second Family


“Friendship Haven does a tremendous job of bringing people together, and it’s a good fit for our lifestyle,” said Earl, a retired Hy-Vee executive who moved to a town home on campus with his wife in January of 2012. “The convenience of light housekeeping provided through Second Family at Friendship Haven is also a big benefit”, said Earl, who enjoys having more free time for coffee hour get-togethers with friends and visits with his family.

“Friendship Haven offers a tremendous opportunity to move into a new phase of our lives,” Edie noted. “Everything we need is right here, and this is where we want to be.”

" Earl and Edie Pickens Second Family Clients and Friendship Haven Town Home Residents



“I get a lot of satisfaction by volunteering, and I’ve built up good friendships with the people here,” said Doris, a Fort Dodge resident who has volunteered at Friendship Haven for more than 20 years. “They are very special to me. I enjoy their sense of humor and like to hear their stories about the olden days.”

“Friendship Haven was great for Mom and Dad,” said Doris, who has served on Friendship Haven’s Care Review Committee. “I still remember an aide who was like a granddaughter to my mom.”

“When your loved ones have received such good care at Friendship Haven, you want to give something back,” said Doris, who is also active in her church. “Friendship Haven is like a big family, and it’s great to know you’re appreciated here.” “Often it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference, Doris added. “Volunteering gives you a sense of satisfaction, and I love to get a smile out of people.”

" Doris Williams Friendship Haven Volunteer

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