On Site Massage Therapy

On Site Massage Therapy

Friendship Haven proudly features massage therapy offered to our residents through the Wellness Program.

Massage is often thought of as a wonderfully relaxing treat for ourselves, but there is much evidence to show how it can make a world of difference when included as part of our regular healthcare routine. Here are some examples of how massage can improve your health:

  • Massage stimulates the movement of oxygen and nutrients towards muscle, lymph and organ tissues for repair. This improves circulation and reduces swelling, muscle spasms and cramping.
  • Massage can soften and stretch tight, weak or overused muscles. Post-surgery healing time speeds up, and scar tissue formation is minimized.
  • Arthritis sufferers and rehabilitation patients will experience less pain and stiffness, faster healing time and a rejuvenating boost of energy.
  • Stress is known to be a significant factor in the development of many conditions that age the body prematurely. Massage reduces anxiety and improves stress management, playing an important role in overall immune health and disease prevention.

Our licensed massage therapist offers chair, table and reflexology massage for all our residents. The benefits of massage, the competitive rates and the convenience of our location on campus make Friendship Haven’s massage therapy a valuable choice.

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