Catalyst Rehabilitation Program

Catalyst Rehabilitation Program

As its name implies, the Catalyst Rehabilitation Program at Friendship Haven is a catalyst in the process of helping clients achieve their highest level of independence. Working with clients, their families and medical providers, the team at the Catalyst Rehabilitation Program develops a plan of action with that simple goal in mind — independence.

  • A staff that provides the motivation for building strength and enhancing independence
  • A team of therapists to help with everything from mobility to speech, balance to arthritis, pain management to continence and much more
  • A facility with all the amenities to meet day-to-day needs
  • Private rooms for a more peaceful and focused stay
  • Three months of free access to Friendship Haven's Wellness Center following your "graduation" from the Catalyst Rehabilitation Program


The Catalyst Rehabilitation Program is one of the few healthcare options in the area that offer therapists trained in a number of specific areas. This assures that each client’s plan of action is matched by the most appropriate therapy.

  • Physical Therapy Services – Physical therapists help clients regain muscle strength and improve coordination following an illness or injury. Physical therapy can also help control or alleviate both acute and chronic pain.
  • Occupational Therapy Services – Occupational therapists help clients relearn the daily activities of life, including personal hygiene, meal preparation and homemaking.
  • Speech Therapy Services – Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work one-on-one with clients who have speech, language, hearing and cognitive disorders in order to optimize effective communication. SLPs also work with clients who have swallowing disorders or difficulties in order to facilitate safe intake and optimize nutrition and hydration.
  • Balance Management – Balance management provides the skills necessary to help residents avoid falls, while also reducing their fear of falling.
  • Complex Disease Management – Therapists provide interventions for patients with multiple, complex diseases, whose fragile medical state further complicates their functional deficits.
  • Dementia Management – Therapists capitalize on a client's strengths and allows them to function at his or her best ability to address a broad range of issues that occur with the dementia population.
  • Pain Management – Therapists are trained to identify different pain types and what causes them. Treatment options include everything from massage to ultrasound and hot and cold packs to yoga.
  • Continence Management – Simple exercises for the hip, abdomen and pelvic floor muscles are introduced to help strengthen bladder support and decrease leakage.
  • Stroke Recovery – Our healthcare team will assess which lost functions following a stroke may benefit from therapy and create a programming addressing a client’s specific needs.
  • Joint Replacement – Our healthcare team will recommend a comprehensive therapy program designed to meet individualized goals.
  • Warm Water Aquatic Therapy – The warm water aquatic center is an excellent place for those with arthritis to build up strength, ease stiff joints and relax sore muscles.

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